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As a Chase Private Client, get access to personalized investment guidance from J.P. Morgan – and feel more confident in reaching your goals.

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The J.P. Morgan Advantage - We’re Here To Help From Day One. And Each Day After.

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Your J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor

By working closely with you one-on-one, your dedicated advisor can turn your goals into valuable recommendations for your investments — whether it’s on the phone, video call, or at your local branch.

Our Dedicated Advisors
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A Personalized Planning Process

When we plan, we get to know you and your priorities, down to the smallest details. It’s what helps us develop an investment strategy that starts — and stays — truly personalized, to meet your unique goals.

Our Planning Process
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Global Investment Expertise

With J.P. Morgan's global research and over 200 years of extensive investment experience, we can help adapt your strategy to match changes in your life, your investments, and the markets.

Our Expertise And Insights
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A Dedicated Advisor For What Matters Most To You

As your J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor gets to know you and your priorities, they turn that knowledge into meaningful recommendations for your investments.

  • Get help balancing immediate needs with long‐term goals, like retirement
  • Work together on a personal strategy that matches your preferred level of risk
  • Meet regularly to update your strategy and asset allocations as your priorities shift
  • Stay up-to-date on market trends that can complement your core portfolio
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Our Planning Process - A Personalized Planning Process, Defined By You And Your Goals

Step 1: Understand Your Goals

Working one-on-one, we get to know you and your family by diving into the details so we can help you define your priorities — short-term, long-term, big and small.

Step 2: Create A Personalized Strategy

Our goal is to get you to the “confidence zone.” We’ll help you prioritize what’s most important and develop a strategy to help you get there.

Step 3: Evolve Over Time

We tap into J.P. Morgan’s global research and extensive experience navigating evolving markets to adapt your strategy to changes in the market and in your life.

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Our Expertise And Insights - Investment Expertise And Over 200 Years Of Proven Experience

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A Team of J.P. Morgan Specialists

When you work with J.P. Morgan, you’ll also be connected to our full team of cross-industry specialists, their thought leadership, and our suite of helpful tools and resources.

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Chief Investment Office

Take advantage of insights from our Chief Investment Office team. With their in-depth understanding of the global economy and its changing markets, they can help you develop a uniquely adaptive strategy.

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Portfolio Management Group

To address your specific needs, our Portfolio Management Group can help you align your strategy with your personal goals, and guide you in managing the risks and returns of your investments.

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You Invest by J.P. Morgan - Find more ways to invest online.

  • Trade Online Commission Free1
    Research and manage your investments with unlimited commission-free online stock, ETF and options trade. No minimum to start.
  • Invest With Our Robo-Advisor
    Have your portfolio managed with the expertise and technology of J.P. Morgan, and monitored by our team of specialists to help keep you on track.

"It’s not just access to J.P. Morgan investment vehicles. It’s also the retirement planning, the kids’ college fund, the rainy day fund."

–Nahid & Farzana, Chase Private Clients since 2015

Raising two young children, Nahid and Farzana have plenty to plan for – two college funds, saving for retirement and buying a home. Their Private Client Banker, Pragya, and their Private Client Advisor, Brendan, help them develop an investment approach that takes all their goals into consideration.

FAQ - Common Questions About Chase Private Client

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