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Our Thinking

The Wall of Worry

Andrew Goldberg, Global Head of Client Investment Strategy, J.P. Morgan Private Bank

Anthony Chan, PhD, Chief Economist for Chase

Billy Huzar, Vice President Client Investment Strategy, J.P. Morgan Private Bank

Here Are Three Developments We’re Watching:
U.S. – China trade tensions

Trump tariffs relative to total U.S. imports

Trump tariffs relative to total U.S. imports
Higher interest rates

“… investors should keep in mind that volatility is normal.”

U.S. interest rates relative to economic growth

U.S. interest rates relative to economic growth
Fear of an aging cycle

“… we believe 2018 is a year to stay invested.”

Length of U.S. economic expansions

Length of U.S. economic expansions
Climbing the “Wall of Worry”
What This Means for You

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Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.


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