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Retirement Living & Giving

Do you want to spend your retirement sitting back or giving back? Retirees who donate to causes don't just benefit from tax breaks—they often find that charity work keeps their social and emotional lives healthy as well.

But getting the most out of your giving will require a plan that goes  beyond just writing checks. We can help you get started.


Why do you want to give? What causes matter most to you? How can you make the biggest impact? What might stop you from giving? Exploring those questions can help you figure out where to give and what strategies are best for achieving your goals.

Why do People Give?

62 percent like to give to specific causes - Image
49 percent feel good giving back - Image
38 percent feel bad for those suffering - Image
13 percent give for the 
tax deductions - Image

plan for your

retirement needs first

Some people are hesitant to give because they're afraid of running out of money. Our advisors are here to help you work through your needs to create a plan that tackles the culprit most likely to deplete any nest egg: health care, especially long - term.

Long-Term Care by the Numbers

Long-Term Care by the Numbers

55% of men Image


72% of women Image


create a giving budget

What you’re spending on health care and retirement directly affects what you can give. Including charitable gifts as a separate line item in your plan can make it easier to continue giving and may even increase donations.

6 percent of average retiree income is spent on charitable giving

How Can You Give?

Give Directly from an IRA
Name Account Beneficiaries
Appreciated Assets
Anonymous Gifts
Use Technology
pro tip

Timing Matters

Timing Matters

start giving during

your working years

You may know what you’re retiring from, but what will you be retiring to?

Test drive charitable projects before retirement to see which bring the most satisfaction and fill your time the way you want it to be filled.

Why People Want to Work in Retirement

Why People Want to Work in Retirement

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